Due to an error a bankaccount (iban) was connected to a wrong contact, so several contributions must be transferred to the right contact. What is the procedure for this action?

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There is extension 'Move Contribution' available for moving contribution from one contact to another. Once you have installed the extension transfer can be done through the contact's contribution tab or through a Find Contributions search result action.




To move a Contribution from one Contact to another only requires a very small edit in your database.

If you have access to phpMyAdmin -> go to the civicrm_contribution table and in the contact_id column replace the incorrect contact_id with the correct one. If for example we want to move contribution with id=3 from contact_id = 10 to contact_id = 750 -> double click in that table cell and replace 10 with 750.

enter image description here

If you have access to mysql: change the contact_id for contribution with id=3:

UPDATE civicrm_contribution SET contact_id = 750 WHERE id = 3; 

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