I have been trying to create contacts data using Drush and the CiviAPI. I get an error when I try to add data to a multi-select field despite using exactly the same syntax that the API explorer gives me.

I have a custom field (machine name: custom_10) that takes up to 5 options. As an example, If I use the API explorer to create the following output, I get this:

drush cvapi Contact.create contact_type="Individual" contact_sub_type="MySubType" custom_10=[1,2,3] first_name="John" last_name="Doe"  

Executing this though the API explore works fine, but if I copy the drush line and execute it, the array data for custom_10 causes an error:

    [error_field] => custom_10
    [error_code] => 2001
    [entity] => Contact
    [action] => create
    [is_error] => 1
    [error_message] => '1,2,3' is not a valid option for field custom_10

executing a single option with custom_10=1 will work fine. I have tried various different syntax but cannot get it to take. Has anyone else had this issue with the Drush approach for arrays in Custom fields?

I have no issues adding anything else Contact wise including chaining for additional emails. It is just fields that have arrays of data.

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    How about passing array in JSON format? Aug 19, 2018 at 15:05
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    Pradeep - you are absolutely right, my initial comment below was wrong and I have deleted it. I have now tried this and amended my output to pass in JSON arrays and it seems to work OK. Many thanks for this!
    – ChumKui
    Aug 20, 2018 at 8:54

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I'm pretty sure you're running into the same problem I've documented on Gitlab as issue #298 - basically, API Explorer doesn't return correct code when you need to pass in an array.


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