I need to send Invoice number in the message templates for Membership Receipt Online, but I don't see any token or variables associated for Invoice Number which I can use to place it

is there any way we can place the invoice number in the message templates ?


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The tokens you can use in a message template are a bit random, just what the developer added to the template. In this case, the contribution id can be found with {$contributionID}. However, that is not the same as the invoice_number. I could not find a token for the invoice number. But the templates are generated by smarty, and in smarty you can use the CiviCRM api. So the following line gets the invoice number:

{crmAPI var='invoiceReference' 

You can print it with {$invoiceReference}


I think this answer is outdated, I can see that the {$invoiceReference} variable is available in the message template - Contributions - Receipt (on-line).

Use the Smarty function in the template to see all the available Smarty variables and their values: {debug output=html}

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