I can't get geocoding to work on a fresh install. Manually entering the lat,long works.

I've followed the instructions and steps one by one.

I configured all settings I found referenced on the instructions:

  • Address Preferences,
  • Geocoding Settings,
  • Job Settings.

I confirmed that map works (using default sample data, the contacts come with geolocation info). The map icon is shown and the map is displayed when the icon is clicked on.

I create a new contact or delete geolocation data from existing contacts. When I execute the geocoding job, the result is that the contacts addresses are parsed but none is geocoded:

Full message: 
Finished execution of Geocode and Parse Addresses with result: Success (Addresses
Evaluated: 2
Addresses Geocoded: 0
Street Addresses Parsed: 2

When I check on the Google Cloud Metrics console I can see that all my geocoding requests generated an error. However I can't find any log with details and the request is generated by CiviCRM.

Am I misssing some format for the address, field or step??? I've tried on 2 clean install sites and can't get it to work.

Help is appreciated.

See screen captures below:

Address Preferences:

Address Preferences

Geocoding Settings:

Geocoding Settings

Default Contact with Geolocation info, showing map icon:

Default Contact with Geolocation info

Geocoding Job Settings

Job Settings

Google Cloud API report:

Google Cloud Metrics

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