Working with a series of repeating events and I am noticing the following behaviors.

  • If I go into a single event and change the location and save only that event or all events moving forward all works fine. The location changes.
  • If I then go into an event in the series and change the description and save with the option of changing all events in the series the location and all other data (except date and time) change to the values in the event being saved.

The situation is we have a series of repeating events that may be in different locations. If we need to adjust the description (or other info) for all the events the locations and any other info specific to a single event change.

I have tested this in the CiviCRM WP demo site as well as an install with WP 4.9.8 using CiviCRM 5.4 and on with CiviCRM 4.6.38.

I am wondering if this is the intended functionality? Any suggestions on the best approach to make adjustments would be great.


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