I have just updated to CiviCRM 5.4.1 and system status says the cron is running OK. However, the member statuses and the scheduled reminders are not being updated. These jobs were being run successfully in the summer but stopped at some point before I updated to the new version. Suggestions?

  • have you looked in the log for those jobs to check if it is telling you they are failing – petednz - fuzion Sep 13 '18 at 1:14
  • Yes but they all say Success. The Scheduled Reminders job says - 2018-09-12 13:00:02 Send Scheduled Reminders Entity: Job Action: send_reminder Summary Finished execution of Send Scheduled Reminders with result: Success (1) and the Update Membership Statuses says - 2018-09-12 18:00:02 Update Membership Statuses Entity: Job Action: process_membership Summary Finished execution of Update Membership Statuses with result: Success (Processed 121 membership records. Updated 0 records.) However, statuses have not been updated per the Status Rules. – Fran Nowakowski Sep 13 '18 at 13:57

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