We have a specific contact/organization relationship type that should be a permissioned relationship for the contact to edit the organizations record. When we converted to Civi many of these contacts did not get the permissioned relationship check box checked. Is there a way to update the Permissioned Ralationship check box for this specific relationship type in bulk?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to batch update relationship via the user interface b/c relationships are reciprocal. Using the Import Contacts wizard and selecting "Update" doesn't allow you to designate a relationship as permissioned either.

If you have a programmer on hand, this type of update would be easy to do using an SQL query directly on the database:


  • Relationship Type ID = 4 (in my environment, this is the ID for Employee/Employer)
  • Contact A = Individual
  • Contact B = Organization


UPDATE civicrm_relationship SET is_permission_a_b= 1 WHERE relationship_type_id= 4

Alternatively, if you have sufficient permissions, you could use API Explorer as documented HERE, but this should only be done by someone who has good knowledge of the CiviCRM database structure.

Good luck!


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