I am looking for some advice on whats the best approach to implement two Drupal sites with different domain names + designs and link them to one CiviCRM.

I know multi-site for CiviCRM is on option but the process to install does not seem very straightforward. The two options I can think of are:

A. Two Separate Drupal sites with Two CiviCRM codebases linked to One CiviCRM Database

B. One Drupal Multi-site installation (sub-sites) with One CiviCRM installation & Codebase.

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons and which one offers more flexibility in the long run considering all the upgrades and improvements for CiviCRM and Drupal.


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There is a third option. You can use two drupal sites and a third site for civicrm.

On your Drupal sites use CiviMRF module to connect to your CiviCRM site.

I wrote a blog on how to do this: https://civicrm.org/blog/jaapjansma/using-civicrm-form-processor-extension-to-handle-form-submissions-from-an-external

Personally I would go for this option, because you keep your CRM seperate from your website. A website might require changes/redesign over time while a CRM needs to be stable and stay the same over time. And this way you can easily change/redesign your website without the fear of breaking anything in your crm.

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