I'm not getting the results that I expect from the event income reports. I've used the "No-show" status for people who have paid but don't turn up to the event. However the report only seems to included the income for participants with a status that is "Counted". That's right for the attendee numbers, but not for the finance. If I set the "No-Show" status to be "Counted" then I assume the figures will come right, but it won't show the numbers actually at the event. I can't think of a way round this.

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I think that this is simply not covered. You can read more related threads on SE question How to create a contribution or event report that indicates amount of payment and balance owed and at the old forum on Event Income Report Misleading - need to look at actual contributions, not fees.

How can we get reports with real event payment status and no expected incomes? This is a very common request from our users that we have yet to respond.

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