We have been seeing error messages such as the following in the Drupal syslog:

Sep 26 22:05:13 prod drupal: UID 0|civicrm|https://www.example.com/civicrm/mailing/forward |$Fatal Error Details = Array#012(#012 [message] => Invalid form parameters.#012 [code] => #012)

When testing the forward to a friend option that sits in the footer of all of our emails, which uses the CiviCRM token {action.forward}. I made sure to not be logged into the website. When I am logged in as admin, it works. I get the following error printed to the screen of our website:

Mailing not forwarded to the given email address.

I've checked the permissions and believe I'm overlooking it. The following permission is set for all users including anonymous:

CiviMail: view public CiviMail content [CiviCRM]

What am I missing?

CiviCRM 5.4.0 Drupal 7.59

Edit: Still having this issue on 5.7.2 and Drupal 7.61

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