When assigning an activity in CiviCRM to a contact using the field "Assigned to". Unless deactivated those contacts get send an email.

My question is, how this email is generated - is there a template somewhere? Or any other way teh email could be changed?

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I think the template you're looking for can be found at Administer -> CiviMail -> Message Templates, i.e, navigate to civicrm/admin/messageTemplates?reset=1 and click on System Workflow Messages.

The template name is Cases - Send Copy of an Activity. Note that you don't need to enable CiviCase component to view this template. It is displayed by default and used to send emails to assignees(both case and normal activities).

Also, if you want to disable the sending of email to assignee for some activity types, there is a new configuration setting added at civicrm/admin/setting/preferences/display?reset=1.

enter image description here

The setting is only displayed when the above checkbox of Notify Activity Assignee is enabled.

  • Thank you very much - I thought that template was only for case activities but it works for "regular activities as well.
    – Fabian
    Commented Oct 5, 2018 at 6:50

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