My site goes to maintenance mode spontaneously almost every day. I am advised by users.

Everything works fine when I put it out of maintenance mode.

Any explanation is welcome

(Drupal 7.59 / Civicrm 5.4.0)

Can be a number of reasons with Drupal, I would imagine it's a probably on the Drupal side and not Civicrm though.

There could be something doing it in a module etc. etc, have to look at error log around the time it switches into maintenance.

Go to Reports -> check the dblog (Recent Log Messages) and see if you can find out what and when is putting your site into maintenance mode.

I had a problem with the Backup and Migrate module where this would happen. There is a setting to put into maintenance mode while the backup is running. But the backup would error out and never turn off maintenance mode.

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