I found that if I want to send mail to an individual, I need to use Email while in order to send mail to a group, I need to use mailing. Is this the main difference? Are there ways to schedule Email like in case of Mailings?

Also I could not find a folder for Email in Civicrm folder. Are there DAO and BAO files for Email?

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The main difference is that the mails are sent "synchronously", when you save it, that sets a limit of max 50 emails, whilst the mailings are sent in the background via a cron (so you don't get any timeout and can send it to millions)

The BAO/DAO for emails are into CRM/Core

if you have installed civi from buildkit (or from git) you have a xml/schema folder that defines the structure of the tables and where the DAO are (it's from there it's generated). I find it more convenient to search than the CRM code


This link will explain you about Email and Mailing in details http://book.civicrm.org/user/current/email/what-you-need-to-know/ give a quick read

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E Mail is a mean of communication which is used for purposes such as send/receive/forward and reply to text / audio or video messages. It is sent to specific persons whom we want to send the message. All sorts of messages/interests can be shared and discussed. Whereas, Mailing list is a group o people with similar interest.Their E mail addresses are collected in a group which is known by a single name. Whenever a person sends a mail , everyone in the group gets a copy of the mail. We can subscribe to a mailing list of our interest and then sens/receive mails to/from the group.

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