There was a forum thread some months back regarding integrations with external tools like Zapier and If This Then That (IFTTT), which automate tasks based on triggers between separate apps.

Has anyone worked on something in this regard? I don't have an immediate project in mind for this but I just got an email from IFTTT which reminded me of this thread and I was curious if anyone had taken it further as it seems like it could unlock a lot of potential.

  • I can't see why it wouldn't be a good solution in the long run... you can automate so many things. Any updates on this? Is there a beta option, I can do some amazing things with Zapier. – Chris Jul 6 '18 at 13:10

No progress been made on the Zapier integration. The customer in question thought it was nice for testing purposes and as a proof of contact but did not deem Zapiera good solution in the long run. So no funding.

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