After upgrading to 5.6.1, I've discovered that the option to edit the smart group search is missing.


  1. Contacts->Manage Groups
  2. Click on Settings beside a group
  3. At bottom of screen in 5.6.0 there were the options:

    • Contacts in this group
    • Edit Smart Group Criteria

As shown below:

Edit Smart group exists

But in 5.6.1 the option isn't displayed:

enter image description here

Is this a bug introduced in 5.6.1?


In 5.6 I experienced problems with smart groups. When I upgraded to 5.6.1 they disappeared.

I'm looking at my Smart Group settings and all is well.

Try cleaning up your caches and deleting the contents of the templates_c folder.


Make sure you have updated any of your overridden Civi files.

Check your logs files and see if anything obvious flags.

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