In the CiviSEPA Setup Instructions there is a section regarding importing SEPA mandates, but instead of an answer there is a question... (similar to the one I am asking.)

I have been checking the database tables and Contribute options and unless I have missed something, there is no way to import the contributions along with the mandates. That is, using the Import contributions option will populate the civicrm_contribution table, but not the civicrm_contribution_recur table which stores the details of the recurring transactions.

There is also the question of populating the civicrm_sdd_* tables which are specific to the CiviSEPA extension.

I don't intend to have all the history of the mandates I want to import, but at least a working mandate list that may be used to generate future mandates.

I suppose that I could create a script to inject the data in the proper tables or through the API, but would like to know if someone has tried something easier or has something to start with.


I have found this question that also mentions SepaMandate and createfull: Need to create a SepaMandate for street walkers?


Indeed there is not a standard importer for SEPA mandates. I have migrated SEPA mandates a few times and I use the SepaMandate createfull API. That will create the mandate and the recurring contribution.

If you then want to import actual payments you should fill the column contribution_recur_id to ensure they are linked to the mandate.

  • Using the API sound like a good idea, thanks! For the second part you mean using the field contribution_recur_id of the civicrm_contribution table to point to the id of the right register of the civicrm_contribution_recur table? How do you propose to do the import of the payments? Oct 26 '18 at 9:09
  • Indeed, and using the Contribution create API. Oct 26 '18 at 10:05

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