I have set up a mailing and scheduled it. The date and time has been and gone and the status is still scheduled... Any ideas where I am going wrong?

  • I am on 5.25.0, PHP 7.2 and experiencing same issue. This is job log Entity: Job Action: process_mailing Summary Starting execution of Send Scheduled Mailings Details Parameters parsed (and passed to API method): a:1:{s:7:"version";i:3;} Full message: Starting execution of Send Scheduled Mailings Cron also seems to have worked previously and nothing changed so far. Any idea?
    – Tapash
    May 28, 2020 at 17:52

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It's possible that your cron isn't set up. I would check to make sure that your Status Console (Administer menu » Administration Console » System Status) doesn't have a "Cron Not Running" message (check the hidden statuses if there are any!).

It's also possible that the Scheduled Job to send mailings hasn't been enabled. Check Administer menu » System Settings » Scheduled Jobs and ensure that Send Scheduled Mailings is enabled. You can also see the last time it ran and ensure it matches your expectation from cron.

Finally, if the job DID run, click the View Job Log link next to the Send Scheduled Jobs record. If you're not sure how to interpret the result, please edit your original question to include the log.

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