Certain plugins such as CiviMobile and CiviVolunteer create menu items automatically. Unfortunately those menu items aren't managed by Administer >>> Customize Data and Screens >>> Navigation Menu. In order to give non-admin users CiviMobile menu access - I had to add it to the menu manually - which gives non-admin users a menu - but admin users double civimobile menu items. CiviVolunteer on the other hand cannot be managed via the same menu - if I want to nest it under another category - or simply change its position - I have to recreate all the menu items. There has to be a better way - is there?

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CiviVolunteer is adding menu items in the recommended way for Extensions.

We are looking for guidance on how to support menu customization. I did not find any in the developer docs.

If anyone knows the secret, or can point to an extension that menu customization works for... it would be a help.


CiviMobile Settings menu item is available only for users who has administer CiviCRM permission.

We are adding this menu item using hook_civicrm_navigationMenu hook

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