i face errors data when import. when i click download erros , i can't get all of them for example erros = 4000, when i click download erros link i only got 500. why are cannot i get all the number of errors?

i attahed for more detail.

enter image description here

thanks in advance

civicrm 4.411 drupal 7.32

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I am not sure how you got 500 Error because by default only 250 errors will be printed in civi. if you want the full list just go to CRM/Import/Parser.php file and change the const MAX_ERRORS value. This way you can get the full list. also do consider the DEFAULT_TIMEOUT.

  • Thanks very much @coleman, as i said , got 500 erros just example ( it mean , why i can't got all erros ) :). its very help regards henro Commented Jun 3, 2015 at 2:43

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