Recently scheduled reminders stopped working on a site.

on investigation of error logs I found that one reminder out of several was incrrectly configured. I deleted the reminder. The next time the scheduled reminder job ran, all went well but a backlog of 3 months of event reminders sent at the same time.

I've found a similar error on another site, and have disabled scheduled reminder task while investigating and deleting the incorrectly configured reminder.

before I turn the scheduled reminder task back on, how can I stop the backlog of old reminders from sending?

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I have made the same mistake myself, more than once - ugh! To avoid emails being sent when a scheduled job needs to catch up on backlog:

  1. Switch from production to staging mode
  2. Manually execute the schedule reminders job - this will result in an activity being recorded on the participant's contact record, but will not send the email (the desired impact)
  3. Switch back to production - the activities recorded on the participant's contact record will prevent schedule reminders being sent for the same events

Hope this helps!


  • That's marvellous. Thanks Tamar! Now I've found the next badly configured scheduled reminder. This is going to be a fun afternoon. Nov 20, 2018 at 12:05

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