Does anyone know what duplicate matching rules are applied when a contact registers on a website using Caldera Forms to capture the contact details? When using creating a profile in CiviCRM which can used accessed via shortcode in Wordpress to present the profile as form on your website, we can specify tell CiviCRM what to do when a duplicate match is encountered from these 3 options:

  1. Issue warning and do not save
  2. Update the matching contact
  3. Allow duplicate contact to be created

I want to have the ability to do the same with Caldera Forms. In particular, I want to be able to allow a duplicate contact to be created for a specific use case for our organization.

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Dedupe rules are set in the contact processor. If you want it to create a duplicate, create a dedupe rule in Civi that it can never satisfy. A dummy one basically :)

Caldera Dedupe Rules

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