I have contribution items in a single contribution report and need to show a quantity of an item purchased in a month.

What is the ideal way to get quantity used for a month in multiple contributions.

I dont see the option for the same.

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I believe what you are referring to are line items - if the contributions in question are event contributions, then you can use Extended Report - "Participant Line Items" that will allow you to filter by event, otherwise, Extended Report - "Contributions with Price Set Data" should also show you what you need- but it may take a bit of trial and error, i.e. the report offers several grouping options for line items:

  • Price Field Label
  • Price Field Value Label
  • Line Item Financial Type
  • Price Field (line item)
  • Price Field Option (line item)

You'll want to select whatever option(s) you are grouping by as display columns as well as the following columns:

  • Quantity
  • Line Total
  • Unit Price (if interesting)

E.g. Grouping by Price Field Option (line item) will yield the following:

enter image description here

Hope this helps! Tamar

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