We have implemented CiviVolunteer to manage our 30 projects across 118 volunteers.

The positives:

  • Projects are linked via Activities in sympathy with the overall CiviCRM design philosophy.

  • Once two bug fixes were applied, it now works as specified - all good.

The negatives:

  • The Volunteer subclass of Individual has popped up but is not used by CiviVolunteer for the actual volunteers. This is a bit confusing and instructions in our User Guide (thank you Echo Plugins for Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs) are the way that we have dealt with this.

  • The Volunteer reports don't expose the two relationships (Owner or Manager).

  • The overall reporting system of CiviCRM doesn't appear to support (out of the box) summarisation of rows (e.g. a count of rows, a sum of values from a row, etc.).

Sounds like a lot of negatives, but we are using CiviVolunteer and are achieving a deal of acceptance from our users.

As requested in the guidelines, that's our story.

Now the question, how can I gain access to the two relationships (Owner and Manager) so that I can show the name of the owner and the manager on volunteer reports?



CiviCRM 5.4.1 PHP 7.1.24 CiviVolunteer 4.7.31-2.3.1 WordPress 4.9.8

  • Hi Rob - welcome. Good write up - i would note that the Q+A concept for SE really lends itself to a single question per .. well question. So I would encourage you to calve off 2/ and 3/ to separate tickets and reference them back to this one for the overview. – petednz - fuzion Nov 21 '18 at 1:34

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