function contact_mark_t_fields_optional($formName, &$form){
    if($formName == 'CRM_Contact_Form_Contact'){

        $user = wp_get_current_user();
        $is_admin = FALSE;
        foreach($user->roles as $k =>$v){
            if($v == 'administrator'){
                $is_admin = TRUE;
        if ($is_admin){
            //Array ( [0] => custom_2_-1 [1] => custom_3_-1 [2] => custom_4_-1 [3] => custom_5_-1 [4] => custom_6_-1 [5] => custom_7_-1 [6] => custom_8_-1 [7] => custom_11_-1 [8] => custom_12_-1 [9] => custom_13_-1 [10] => custom_14_-1 [11] => custom_15_-1 )//
            $optional = array(
            foreach($form->_required as $k => $v){
                if (in_array($v, $optional)){




I am trying to mark a checkbox field as optional programmatically when an admin views from the admin side, but while trying to save it, it gives a "Field Required Error"


You can use validateForm hook to empty the errors on the input field. Eg

function hook_civicrm_validateForm($formName, &$fields, &$files, &$form, &$errors) {
  if (your_condition_statement) {
    $form->setElementError('field_id', NULL);

Also note that as this looks like a custom field, civi also provides a UI setting to disable the required attribute. Screenshot from Add/Edit custom field form.

enter image description here


Jitendra's answer is good. I also like the Profile Conditionals extension by Joinery. It only supports event and contribution pages at present, though it shouldn't be hard to extend it to work on others.

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