On the dashboard, the activity dashlet is not showing any results for me. I havent heard anyone on this system ever seeing results there.

There is no ajax error, but the snippet it calls is


(3 is me) .. if I call that directly, it returns an error

Sorry but we are not able to provide this at the moment.

is not of the type Integer

Return to home page.

anyone know whats wrong ? do I actually have to assign activity types to myself and if so, where ?

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Yes, go try creating an activity on someone's record and assigning it to yourself. If it doesn't show up in the dashlet, you have a problem, because that's what the dashlet is for.

  • Got it, that works. I was expecting something else, really. I was expecting the widget to show all database activity (that I have the right to see).
    – commonpike
    May 28, 2015 at 12:48

It sounds like what you are wanting is to create a dashlet from the activity report.

  • Go to Reports > Contact Reports > Activity
  • Set up your report with the columns you wish
  • Check the "Available for Dashboard?" option.
  • Save the report.
  • Go back to the CiviCRM dashboard, click the configure button, and add your report.

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