I have a contribution form that allowed payment by both paypal and stripe. It used to work. Now when a donor checks paypal, nothing happens. The java script reports it is trying to access stripe.com.
Any suggestions.

I am using: CiviCRM 5.4.1. PayPal_Standard is shown in Settings | Payment Processor Stripe is also shown in Settings | Payment Processor latest stripe extension is used There is nothing in Settings | Payment Method that indicates PayPal just checks and credit cards

Unfortunately, I don't know when it stopped working. But I think I tested it after updating to the latest Stripe extension.

Has anybody else reported this problem?

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    We can help you better with more information. Could you please edit your question to indicate a) which version of the Stripe extension you're using; b) whether you're using PayPal Standard, Pro, or Express; c) your version of CiviCRM; d) the last version of CiviCRM that it used to work with, assuming that this happened as a result of an upgrade. – Jon G - Megaphone Tech Jan 5 at 18:58

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