A client wants to status override a recurring membership but cannot do so.

Here are a couple of membership edit screens:

The first is for a membership that is auto renew and has an associated recurring contribution:

auto renew

The second is for a membership that is not auto renew and does not have an associated recurring contribution:

not auto renew

It seems that for some reason, we don't allow people to status override recurring memberships.

Can anyone shed any light on why this is not possible?

Is there a business case for it being set up in this way.

I did have a look at the code but nothing obvious jumped out at me. I'm guessing someone out there knows the thinking behhind this.

  • In the first image there is text indicating 'Over-ride end date'. This suggests to me that this membership has already been overridden, and for some reason the form is not allowing you to change the override. A different random thought: have you configured your Probation custom Membership Status in some odd way that is causing an issue? – Joe Murray Jan 16 '19 at 19:44
  • I can imagine a concern with being able to process membership status changes properly on receiving payment perhaps led to a poor choice to decide supporting these overrides was out of scope. Getting the tests to all work, and to ignore changing the membership status while still renewing a membership does seem like a bunch of special case statements. – Joe Murray Jan 16 '19 at 19:44

This appears to have been implemented as a deliberate 'feature' to prevent users from making changes to memberships linked to recurring payments. See this related question for details:

How can you edit the end date for an auto-renew membership?

A fix has been merged into CiviCRM core (PR #15540) that fixes this issue for the end date field. This fix should be included in CiviCRM 5.20.

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