CiviCRM 5.9.1 Drupal 7.61

Trying to create custom tokens using "hook_civicrm_container", TOKEN_REGISTER is getting set as well as TOKEN_EVALUATE function in $container variable but TOKEN_REGISTER function is never getting invoked. Testing through opening up 'Send en Email' action on contact record.

Below is the code in place in a custom module.

function test_module_civicrm_container($container) {

  $container->addResource(new FileResource(FILE));
    array(\Civi\Token\Events::TOKEN_REGISTER, '_register_tokens')
    array(\Civi\Token\Events::TOKEN_EVALUATE, '_evaluate_tokens')
  //CRM_Core_Error::debug('container', $container);exit;

function _register_tokens(\Civi\Token\Event\TokenRegisterEvent $e) {
echo 'came here';exit;
    ->register('viewUrl', ts('Profile View URL'))
    ->register('viewLink', ts('Profile View Link'));

function _evaluate_tokens(\Civi\Token\Event\TokenValueEvent $e) {
  foreach ($e->getRows() as $row) {
    // @var TokenRow $row 
    $row->tokens('profile', 'viewUrl', 'http://example.com/profile/' . $row->context['contactId']);
    $row->tokens('profile', 'viewLink', ts("<a href='%1'>Open Profile</a>", array(
      1 => $row->tokens['profile']['viewUrl'],

Trying to follow doc here


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