we have created the new webform and included custom fields. we need to align the components styles(like width,background)etc. Any one please help us how to change the design. Thanks,kanchana.

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    Quite a few themes have a lot of CSS that is used to style forms. The CSS often overrides the field width values that you set within the webform. So I think I would start with the site CSS. There is also the webform layout module and a couple of webform bootstrap layout modules for Drupal. – Tony Horrocks Jan 18 at 10:44
  • Can you please explain how to access file where to get ftp path in my civicrm site. – kanchana Jan 22 at 8:50
  • This is not really a CiviCRM issue - it's an issue with your hosting account and you need to investigate FTP access with your provider. – Tony Horrocks Jan 23 at 10:04

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