When we process a contribution in the back end and click the 'Send receipt?' button, a receipt is sent to the user from the address of our server (which is not listed in our 'FROM email address' list). For example the confirmation email header that comes through:

From: <[email protected]>
Date: Jan 21, 2019 4:21 PM
Subject: Contribution Receipt
To: <[email protected]>

This just started happening after I upgraded to CiviCRM 5.9.1 running on Drupal 7.63.

Recreate by going to Contributions/New Contribution and creating a new contribution for a user (could be $0)
Click the 'Send Receipt?' checkbox
Save transaction (send receipt)
and check the 'from address' - it should indicate the servers name rather than the 'FROM' name that was selected.

I noticed someone else reported this in the last 24 hours in the comment by 'The Doctor' under this question: Registration confirmation email uses wrong From email address

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This is now fixed and should be part of next release hopefully. You may wait for next release or apply patch manually from here.

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