I am using CiviCRM integrated with Drupal 7. Hosting is in pantheon server. I followed the CiviCRM document.


According to this, put the site in maintains mode. Deleted the old CiviCRM folder. Uploaded the new CiviCRM folder. Run the http://test-hgs-emun.pantheonsite.io/civicrm/upgrade?reset=1,

After some time, The application did not respond in time. error is coming

I thought some file is taking more time to execute. so contacted pantheon server support team. But Pantheon support team telling they don't increase the execution time more than 120 sec.

I am stuck in a middle please tell me what to do? to solve this.

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    Please tell me you did a backup before you started? What I would do is restore the backup and then do an interim upgrade to say 5.0 - in other words treat it gently. If that is successful, then go for 5.9. Backup each time. I tried doing this upgrade yesterday and it froze on me as well. – Tony Horrocks Jan 24 at 14:01
  • @TonyHorrocks you are suggesting to one by one version upgrade right?. I mean 4.7 to 4.8 after that 4.9 like this till 5.9. If so it will take to much time. currently, I am in CiviCRM 4.7 – sharaths Jan 25 at 10:02
  • WHen I got stuck (I was on 5.6) I restored everything and then went to a 5.7 upgrade. That worked fine. I then went to 5.8 and then 5.9.1. Im not suggesting you do that all the way from 4.7 I think just at least get one successful minor upgrade and see how it goes. Anyways that worked for me. Good luck – Tony Horrocks Jan 25 at 11:43
  • Make sure to turn off drupal logging, because when any error/notice occurs which are likely to occur during upgrade script is running, that might terminate upgrade script json and will display error in browser's console. So i would say restore from backup, turn off drupal logging and try again. Also according to upgrade process document you need to clear template_c directory too. Hope it helps – Hassan Farooq Jan 29 at 0:31
  • Clearing the template_c folder before the Upgrading worked for me. But I didn't get the reason for a timeout. Anyhow thanks for both of you. – sharaths Jan 29 at 10:12

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