When we issue a membership the payment automatically feeds through the correct pricing. If we then have to go in to edit the membership the price updates by adding VAT on again to the already inclusive total. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it? We are using Civi 5.8.0.

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    Can you please edit this question to include your version of CiviCRM? Do you have the Line Item Editor extension installed? – Jon G - Megaphone Tech Jan 28 at 15:31
  • I'm not sure if we have the line item editor installed as the developer set it up for us, is there a quick way of checking this? – Gillian McIntosh Jan 29 at 9:04
  • Go to Administer > System Settings > Extensions and look for it amongst the enabled extensions. – Joe Murray Jan 29 at 17:58
  • Thank you Joe. Yes line item editor is installed and enabled. – Gillian McIntosh Jan 31 at 8:52

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