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I have been trying to fettle this for a few hours - when quick searching for a contact on Wordpress, the results appear behind the Wordpress admin menu. I can't see anyone else who has reported this issue, is it a known problem?

Latest Shoreditch enabled (and only happens with Shoreditch enabled), Civi 5.10.0, WP 5.0.3

Thank you!

(PS, personal data shown in this image is a fake contact)


You should use https://wordpress.org/plugins/civicrm-admin-utilities/ instead to style Civi in WP.

It says shoreditch extension is optional https://civicrm.org/extensions/email-template-builder. I also just tested and Mosaico still works.

  • Thanks, I'll look at that plugin. Mosaico seems to be happiest with the Shoreditch plugin installed and enabled, but under the resources & URLs section, with Shoreditch not enabled for the wider site. – Robin Fenwick Feb 9 at 17:42
  • I use CiviCRM Admin Utilities with Shoreditch and Mosaico. I also use Keyboard Accessible Menu (uk.squiffle.kam), which is expected to be merged into core. See also civicrm.org/blog/danaskallman/…. – Mark Westergaard Feb 10 at 23:06
  • I should have mentioned that I also have Shoreditch disabled in Resources & URLs. – Mark Westergaard Feb 10 at 23:22
  • This plugin solved my problems, thank you! – Robin Fenwick Mar 12 at 8:47

Whilst the extension page https://civicrm.org/extensions/shoreditch says that Shoreditch is CMS independent, the release notes https://github.com/civicrm/org.civicrm.shoreditch say that Drupal is a requirement, so I don't think you can expect it to work. Much as I would love to have it on Wordpress.

  • Aha! Thank you. Hopefully Mosaico will behave without it – Robin Fenwick Feb 7 at 20:54

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