Normally take credit card payments via civi with no problems - update to 5.10.0 and since then have been unable to take CC payment - error message staing 'Date Received is a required field.'

Process to replicate

Go to a contact (Member) -select payment tab - click Submit Credit Card Payment - Select Membership dues - enter amount - ignore Campaign - complete rest and click submit -error saying Date Received is a required field.

This happens whether send receipt is ticked or not and even though all dates are completed.

joomla 3.9.2 - Civicrm 5.10.0

  • Which payment processor are you using? Feb 11 '19 at 17:10

@andygoodall thanks for posting this, we believe we have a fix for your issue, We are looking to conduct a point release for 5.10 to fix the issue however i would recommend if possible manually applying the change described in this PR


This is now fixed in 5.10.1...............


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