I use latest civi 5.10.0 in Wordpress 5.0.3. Today I was warned to update Summary Fields to 4.0.0 version. After update the main menu disappeared from my civi installation. The Cleanup Caches and Update paths did not help.

Finally I can disable the extension, the menu appeared again and works correctly.


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The developer released 4.0.2 which fixes the issue. It sounds like their test env possibly isn't getting all the caches or something flushed.

  • Paul - thanks for helping by updating this issue. perhaps you could edit your previous Answers rather than adding new ones. helps reduce reading folk have to do to get to the 'latest' answer
    – petednz - fuzion
    Feb 12, 2019 at 19:32

The developer updated the issue. There is a missing line in the code. They say they will release version 4.0.1 overnight. If you want to fix it yourself before that look at issue linked above in the comment.


Sadly the fix in 4.0.1 didn't fix the issue. See Navigation Menu Lost for more details.

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