As the title says - can you restrict Shoreditch from injecting CSS on Public pages with CiviCRM content?

For example - do a fresh install of Drupal, CiviCRM and Shoreditch - choose any public theme - create any public facing CiviCRM page (event, contribution, etc) - go to that public page - shoreditch will inject much of its CSS on the page. Fonts, body backgrounds, etc.

Whats the easiest way to restrict shoreditch from injecting itself on public pages?

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This is a core issue (not specific to Shoreditch) and there is an issue with some discussion related to it here:

To tag on to your specific point about Shoreditch's CSS, I have found this to be problematic for the display reasons you mention (conflicts with CSS from the front end theme) but also for performance reasons. On one site I found Google Page Speed Insights showed a very low mobile score (2%) with Shoreditch enabled, and it jumped to a more normal level (87%) as soon as I disabled the Shoreditch CSS.

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