I am currently trying to import a number of participants that registered through an external service. I first imported all the contacts - then proceeded to import particpants

The current fields I am trying to import are

  • Email:Email Match to Contact
  • Number of Tickets:Fee Level (I guess matching to my price set)
  • 1:Participant Status ID (Registered)
  • Registration Date: Date Registered

The import will begin - the first participant will import, then it will fail and say: Mandatory key(s) missing from params array: line_total

I thought maybe it was a bad contact - but no - it will always import the first participant and fail - regardless of the order I have the CSV in.

Any thoughts?

When I change the Fee Levels from 1 to Tickets - 1: 1, the import goes through - but the price set is not actually selected after the import is completed.

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