I need to update the membership id and replace its value with that in the contact id's external identifier. So I followed the explaination here for CASCADE. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31351819/how-do-i-add-on-update-cascade-to-my-existing-mysql-tables-through-phpmyadmin

Using that I changed properties to Cascade on Update under civicrm_membership_payment table which was earlier set to Restrict on Update

Now I went to the civicrm_membership table and updated a membership id whose value is present in civicrm_membership_payment,what that did was updated membership id value in two places 1) civicrm_membership 2) civicrm_membership_payment

So Cascading worked the query for the same was as seen below

ALTER TABLE `civicrm_membership_payment` 
DROP FOREIGN KEY `FK_civicrm_membership_payment_contribution_id`;
 ALTER TABLE `civicrm_membership_payment` 
ADD CONSTRAINT`FK_civicrm_membership_payment_contribution_id` 
FOREIGN KEY (`contribution_id`) 
REFERENCES `civicrm_contribution`(`id`) 
ALTER TABLE`civicrm_membership_payment` 
DROP FOREIGN KEY `FK_civicrm_membership_payment_membership_id`;
 ALTER TABLE `civicrm_membership_payment` 
ADD CONSTRAINT`FK_civicrm_membership_payment_membership_id`
 FOREIGN KEY (`membership_id`) REFERENCES `civicrm_membership`(`id`)

enter image description here To know the reason for auto increment you can refer
Now I need to auto increment membership id to a value 25000 as external
identifier start from 24999 and existing values are less than 24999
To do auto increment, I will follow the steps mentioned here


After AutoIncrement
I want to update membership ids for some of them with external identifiers (considering that its not possible to have a membership id which would be same as external identifiers as external identifiers all have ids greater than that of membership id in the civicrm_membership table.) that on all tables that would be affected when I update the id from civicrm_membership table. **What is the correct way to find out the list of tables which would be affected when we update civicrm_membership table's id? ** So that I can update relation properties and set it to Update on CASCADE.

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