By pressing "Print Summary", there are 2 extra blank pages printed. One of them is before the content and the other is after. How can I make them disappear? I'm using CiviCRM version 5.10.4. Thanks.enter image description here

  • At first I was going to blame it on your theme, but I have the same result. It throws an error related to jQuery. I think there may be a bug related to the print summary function. – Sleewok Mar 14 '19 at 15:06

There is CSS that is adding the space. When I remove the height for the following it will not print blank pages.

crm-container div.form-item { height: 100%; }

I would create an "extras.css" so that you can override some of the built-in CSS. You can specify a custom CSS file under Administer > System Settings > Resource URLs: Custom CSS URL. Note: the path to the CSS file should be accessible from a web browser.

If you add the following to the extras.css then it will fix the print of extra pages:

#Print1 div.form-item {
    height: 0;

When you go to print summary you can cancel the chrome printing pop-up and then inspect the CiviCRM page (it has the "print" and "done" buttons). You can further refine the print style using the Chrome Dev tools.

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  • Thanks very much, it works. However it changes other pages style. – Joshua Mar 15 '19 at 11:29
  • Interesting. I thought the id #Print1 was unique to the print page, which should make it only impact print pages. You may need to target the CSS a little bit more if this is not the case with your theme. Trying using this instead: form#Print1>div.form-item { height: 0; } – Sleewok Mar 15 '19 at 16:33

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