If I sign a donor up for a monthly/Recurring Contribution Series -> then I can go in and add a soft credit to the Contribution.

But I can't add it to the series - so next month - when the next Contribution is generated I don't get any Soft Credits.

Has anyone looked into this? Add fields to Contribution Recurring Series and then code to template those into the Contribution that is generated next?

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I don't think this is currently possible, but I've recently been up to my elbows in soft credit customizations.

I think the answer is an extension that checks whether the first gift is soft credited. If so, it should apply an identical soft credit to succeeding gifts.

I recently released the extension Soft credit Custom Fields. You could use soft credit custom fields to further specify other options. E.g. only soft credit the first X contributions; if the contribution amount is increased later, does the soft credit increase as well; etc.

  • Thank you for pointing me to your new ext! Here is where things get complicated for large orgs: multiple soft credits per Contribution PAC series and changes over time: phone banker A recruits initial $20/PAC; phone banker B secures a +$5 increase 6 months later; direct mail dept secures another +$10 in the election year. Commented Mar 29, 2019 at 13:57

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