I have a profile setup as a directory in WordPress (5.1.1 w/CiviCRM 5.11.0). I set the profile to show the edit link to those who have permission to edit. I have an ACL setup for editors to edit specific contacts. A couple things are happening.

  • The edit link shows on all contacts, even those who the logged in user does not have permission to edit according to the ACL.
  • If you click an edit link that the user does not have permission to edit they get redirected to the site home page.
  • Edits work fine for contacts the user has permission to edit.

Seeing the Edit link is not a big deal for this application. The redirection when they do not have permission is going to cause confusion.

I have tried this on two separate sites with the same results.

  • Just adding the Help test for that field. "Edit Link. Check this box if you want to include a link in the listings to Edit profile fields. Only users with permission to edit the contact will see this link." – petednz - fuzion Mar 28 '19 at 19:26

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