Civi 5.10.4. under Wordpress 5.1.1 multisite network using the plugins Caldera Forms and Caldera Forms CiviCRM. We're an all volunteer detained migrant visitation and advocacy organization. We want to be able to log phone calls, letters, and visits as activities linked with detained individuals and volunteers. I'm developing this using Caldera Forms.

I'm seeking help understanding how to use the CiviCRM Contact Reference field type. Specifically, I'm trying to understand if this contact lookup tool can be linked to a contact number on the processor side of things. It feels like that is what this tool is for, but I'm puzzled about how to implement it. I see how to create contact processors and link field information to different contacts. If I use an id number, email, or name, I can link the contact and create additional activities for an existing contact. However, this method requires end users to correctly enter the info to get an exact match. I see that the CiviCRM Contact Reference field type can perform a lookup on a contact type or group which is perfect.

How do I link the Contact Reference result to the appropriate field in the contact # processor? It looks like the Contact Reference result pulls up Last Name, First Name. But I don't see how to parse that for separate fields in the contact # processor. Reading somewhere, I think I saw that the Contact Reference result returns the contact id. However, I don't see contact ID in the list of fields in the contact # processor setup.

Any clarity folks can bring to this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

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