many time it so happened that individuals made spelling mistake, specially typing email address and therefore multiple contact was created.

Just thought is there a chance to include a 2nd email address field in the registration page and notify the attendee when they make mistake spelling their email address?

  • Which registration page?
    – Coleman
    Jun 1 '15 at 20:23

you mean asking the user to type twice their email and check it's the same?

I can't find it right now, but recall reading that it wasn't that optimal as a UX (ie. people are not good enough to type without typo, but skilled enough to do a copy/paste of the email with typo ;)

One more elegant solution seem to compare the email against a set of existing common domain names (eg yahoo.com, gmail.com) and suggest a fix if the error is on the domain name, eg. if I type "xavier@gmal.com", suggesting "did you mean xavier@gmail.com"?

you could write an extension that add this feature by using this library https://github.com/Kicksend/mailcheck (I used it for a drupal extension long time ago, worked well, and shouldn't be too complicated to write a native civicrm one)

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