• CiviCRM 5.10.4
  • Drupal 7.65
  • E-mail API (org.civicoop.emailapi) 1.19
  • API v4 (org.civicrm.api4) 4.3.0
  • CiviRules (org.civicoop.civirules) 2.5

I've just input a new CiviRule with the following settings:

CiviRules screenshot

The logic is, we have a group for members and would like them to receive a welcome email (rather than a standard 'opt in to the group' email) when they fill in a profile to become a member & get added to the Members group.

Note, the email is set to come from "April ___" from an email address on our web domain (this name + email address is used to send out bulk emails normally).

I tested this rule out by adding my personal email address contact to the Members group.

I checked the activities on that contact and saw the email had been delivered:

Screenshot that shows the activity saying the email has been sent

I also checked CPanel to track whether the mail had been delivered and saw it had:

Email has been delivered

However, when I checked my inbox, I have not received the email. Have checked my junk and spam folders, all the tabs that gmail has, and have waited half an hour but no sign of it anywhere.

I then tried adding another contact to the aforementioned group (the contact assigned with my work email address on our web domain) and again the email said it was delivered, and then I found this in my spam folder (note the "(unknown sender) via [our domain name]" 'From Name', even though I had specified a 'From Name' in the rule).

Unknown sender

So in summary, it delivers when sending an email to an address on the same domain, but when it does deliver, it says it's from an "Unknown Sender".

Has anyone faced any similar issues? Or any ideas on where to look?

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