Drupal 7, CiviCRM 5.10

I'd like to send out an "update details" email to contacts - a profile with checksum. It will include some other custom field questions but i want to be alerted specifically if the general contact fields are updated - Address, phone number etc.

I can put those who completed the profile into a group but that won't distinguish between those changed and those whose contact details remain the same..

I don't think i can create a duplicate to dedupe later if using checksum?

The only other idea i had is to have two profiles - one for my custom field questions and another for "change contact details" and rely on contacts only submitting that form if things have been altered - Even then it would be useful to know which field specifically had changed but perhaps that's my only option?


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If you have hosting that allows you to turn on Detailed Logging, there are two extensions that provide address history. One is in Extended Reports; the other is Joseph Lacey's Address Log report. It should be relatively simple to extend either one to support phone/email/etc.

Another option, low-tech but effective, would be to export the contact details ahead of time, then export again after folks have filled things out. Paste the two spreadsheets into one and use a simple formula. E.g. if old email is in column C and new email in column H, =IF(C1 != H1, "Changed", "") in a new column will label any records where the email changed.

  • Thanks, i'll check those out. I have actually managed to go this long without being aware of detailed logging at all and combined with the address log report i think i should be able to get something that does what i need, pretty much. Apr 9, 2019 at 15:44

I think you can achieve your goal using webforms. It may require a bit of jquery or could possibly be done just with Conditionals. I suspect the latter would require a read-only field 'showing' the data, and another field for the change. Then a conditional that says eg 'if A != B then set value to 'insert email address'. then set up a mailing on that basis.

i am possibly oversimplifying this but would be a route i would check.

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