We use PayPal Pro for our event pages. This is what is currently happening: Person fills in the event registration profile. Person clicks PayPal checkout button, enters their PayPal information. When the person clicks Continue, they are returned to our registration form. All of the profile information they had entered is gone. If they reenter all the info and click continue, they get an error message saying they didn't fill in the credit card information.

If people enter their credit card information on our registration form (instead of using the PayPal check out button), everything works.

How do we fix the PayPal button? Or can we remove it?

We are using CiviCRM 5.12.0 with WordPress and PayPal Pro.


Removing the button is against the PayPal TOU...but I have an extension that does it anyway. Install Hide PayPal Express Checkout and call it a day.

Actually...I wrote this a LONG time ago for a client that doesn't use event pages. It should work on contribution pages but might need some tweaking for event pages.

  • Is there another solution besides removing the button? I'd prefer not to violate TOU if possible. – jgeurts Apr 10 '19 at 19:32

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