One of my clients had the API v4 extension updated to 4.3.0 last evening, and so today the contact summary screen was broken - because the API extension isn't compatible with the contact summary extension in 5.10.4. Is there any way of finding out who installed the extension update? Some log somewhere? This is a Drupal site, by the way. One thought (maybe silly!) - the extension wouldn't update itself after a given time, would it?


The extension wouldn't update itself.

If you have Detailed Logging enabled, you should be able to figure out who updated it by checking log_user_id in log_civicrm_extension. If you don't have that:

You should be able to get an IP address, which, depending on whether folks access the site from one IP or not, should be able to give you your answer.

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    Thanks, Jon. I found a website log entry which revealed an IP address. An over enthusiastic user with too much access had done this. Access now reduced!
    – Andy Clark
    Apr 10 '19 at 20:56

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