I've been using CiviCRM for a few years now, mostly for basic functions (small NPO organizing events).

I'm trying to use a function that seems common to me but I feel that I'm missing something because I can't find any information about it.

I've tried almost everything within the interface. I have no knowledge or experience in coding script or stuff like this. But I can try following instructions.

Here is my case:

Our NPO set up LARP events for everybody. -Anyone can register and choose a participant role. -We mostly have these possibilities: Player, NPC, Volunteers, Artist, Organizers. -Every participant might have custom field related to his (participant) role -We'd like to let people choose their role properly instead of batch changing it based on the selected price in the set.

BUT: As we also organize other types of event like conferences, where participant roles are not the same.

We would to like to be able to allow registering participants to select a role within a limited list which does not include every role set in CiviEvent (How) can we do this?

PS I can give you any details you might find useful.

  • Hi, is this for paid events or free? are you on drupal/joomla or wordpress? if the first, webform can help you
    – Xavier
    Jun 3, 2015 at 12:20
  • This is a paid event on wordpress :) Jun 3, 2015 at 12:23

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I don't know if this feature will be released one day but I would find it pretty useful. You could select a role list base on an event type or template.

However this extension just came out a few days after my question, and it could help if anyone is in the same situation.


I believe the only way at this time to do this at this time without using (Drupal) Webform is to write custom code.

For custom code, there are a wide variety of approaches - you can write an extension that uses hook_civicrm_buildForm (or hook_civicrm_alterContent or hook_civicrm_alterTemplateFile, but IMO these are less elegant). Or you can put a .extra.tpl file in your template override folder with a jQuery snippet to hide roles on certain events.

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