The current behavior of civicrm keeps the PCP as active even if the contribution page related to it is disabled.

A real problem with this is you have someone who has made a P2P contribution page who might have no clue the page has been disabled by a site admin and is out promoting the page!

Thoughts on expected behavior?

  • Disable PCP manually when CP is disabled.

  • Keep PCP as it is and change the error message on PCP load.

  • Disable the PCP and send an email notification to the creator.
  • The current error is perhaps the correct and enough response to be shown to the user 🤷
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    That’s indeed an issue! I’m going to check if this is also the case w/ PCP Event pages. Apr 26, 2019 at 4:10

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Ok I was able to confirm this is also happening with Event PCPs - though the error message is a little easier on the eyes - which really helps (the red and black letters on the yellow background you get for 'not available' Contribution PCPs make it look like the site is broken).

enter image description here

Re: Answer as to what should happen may be different for Event PCPs vs Contribution PCPs - I'd be in favour that the PCP remain non-functional. Once you conclude an Event and have done your books/finances on it you want to be able to file it. Same with Contribution PCPs (which will often have a Campaign associated with it). There needs to be a date where you can say with confidence: this Event or this Campaign raised $x;

So my vote would be for option 4 [a nicer error message] - you may be able to get that into Core without too many issues.

For our Event PCPs we use Views to get people to their nice looking PCP page - which then with a Donate button links to the donate page that will show the 'currently unavailable' message. That means we have the option to notify donors ahead of time that the Event/Campaign is no longer active by filtering out non-active Events in the View - and in addition: people are naturally promoting their nice looking PCP page - which remains active/functional. But there we could grey out the button.

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