I am working with iats 1.6.2 on civicrm. I want to update/change the donar email on iats account.

$iATS_CL = new iATS\CustomerLink($agentCode, $password,'NA');
$request = array(
  'customerIPAddress' => '',
  'customerCode' => '0000019805',      
  'email' => 'email@test.co',      
  'recurring' => FALSE,      
  'beginDate' => $iATS_CL->getFormattedDate($beginTime),
  'endDate' => $iATS_CL->getFormattedDate($endTime),     
  'creditCardNum' => '4222222222222220',     
  'updateCreditCardNum' => FALSE,

$response = $iATS_CL->updateCreditCardCustomerCode($request); 

If beginDate, endDate and creditCardNum are optional. These parameters showing the object errors if i didn't add these parameters. I want only update email based on customerCode . Is it possible ?

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